• quick tune up before an audition/performance
  • Upgrade your skills to land more auditions/jobs
  • Development of style, technique, warm up and repetoire

Adult Learners

  • All levels welcome
  • Develop confidence in your voice, finding your own sound
  • Learning/developing strong technique
  • Gain an understanding of the vocal anatomy and how to look after your instrument
  • Performance skills
  • Working towards building you own repetoire
  • Spoke word/oration training available on request
  • Graded exam training available on request, dependent on ability

Child Learners

(ages 4+)

  • All levels welcome
  • Developing confidence in the voice
  • Gain a strong foundation in vocal technique
  • Building confidence
  • Lessons tailored to individual needs
  • Graded exam training available on request, dependent on ability 

All lessons can be done in the convenience of your own home if you prefer not to travel.

Please note; lessons are led using backing tracks and speakers, not piano. This allows for flexibility with lesson location, and I prefer to focus on the student during my lessons - not playing an instrument!  My lessons focus solely on the student, how they sound and also how they are using their entire body to create that sound. 

Lessons are tailored to fit individual needs meaning YOU pick the material (if you wish),  lessons can be relaxed or we can keep to a more strict, disciplined approach depending on the direction you wish to take your training. At all times I believe singing should be kept fun, passionate and enjoyable -whether it is your profession, or a hobby. Check out my blog post here, for more information on what to expect during your lessons: